Submission guidelines

Thank you for choosing to be a contributor to Winnipeg Police Cause Harm's blog!

Before you write

Note that we follow Canadian Press style. To back up your facts, please hyperlink to credible websites and resources (rather than using academic-style citations).

We recommend you write in clear, plain language in order for your post to be accessible to as many readers as possible.

Once you're done your draft

When you're happy with your draft, please share it with via Google Docs or email us a Microsoft Word file. Please also include a short, third-person bio at the end of your piece!

Once we receive your draft, two WPCH members will review and edit your piece. You can expect to hear back from the editing team within 7-10 business days. If you do not hear back, please send a follow up email to check in.

During the editing process

We will share a Google Doc with you that has our comments and suggestions. Our feedback can include tightening the thesis and changes to grammar, structure, and organization. Since we do not want to alter your piece without your permission or consent (aside from grammar and punctuation) we ask that you accept the suggested edits. If you don't agree with or don’t understand a suggestion, please respond with a comment and we can discuss.

Preparing to publish

When you and the editors are happy with your piece, a WPCH member will upload it to our website.

Getting paid

If you're a BIPOC contributor, you can expect to receive payment within five days after publication.

At any time, if either party decides not to continue with publishing your piece, WPCH will offer you a kill fee of 50% for your time and labour.